May 10, 2016


Welcome to PROJECT POWER PERFORMANCE CENTER. We are a locally owned, no contract, no signup fee training facility located in Richmond, near Bridgeport Skytrain Station. Though the facility is specially catered towards the Powerlifting and Weightlifting community, we also have a healthy clientele who focuses on general fitness.

We are currently equipped with:

  • 3 Squat Racks + 3 Squat Stands
  • 8 Olympic Lifting Platform
  • Excellent quality Barbells (Elieko, Texas, Ohio etc.) 2 women barbell.
  • Speciality bars like Trap Bar, Swiss bar
  • Bumper Plates ~2000lbs
  • Metal Plates ~2000lbs
  • Dumbbells 5-100lbs in 5lbs increment
  • Glute Ham developer
  • Complete set of cable machine
  • Strength and conditioning equipment’s
    • Battle ropes
    • Kettle-bells
    • Indian Clubs
    • Hurdles
    • Prowlers
    • 300lbs Tire
    • Air Bike