June 12, 2016

Our Team

Our team comprises of trainers from different aspect of fitness ranging from everyday mobility and injury prevention to powerlifting and olympic lifting to sports related strength and conditioning including for martial arts.

Ed Leung:
Ed began weight training in 2008 and has never looked back since. His personal journey involved working with numerous trainers and included body building, functional strength training and, more recently, power lifting.

As a coach, Ed:

  • Uses various training styles to cater to individual goals
  • Maximizes training output while reducing stress on joints
  • Works with clients with mobility issues
  • Utilizes myofascial stretching to help release muscle tension

IG: Stretch Strength

Jai Iyer:
Jai (pronounced Jay) is a National Level competitive body builder and non-competitive powerlifter. Two years running he is the one of the top level bodybuilders in the province of B.C. and has represented B.C. at the National Level Bodybuilding Competitions. Jai likes to call himself as “The Engineer” because of  his training philosophy. Rather than focusing of weights he trains his clients to have better mind-muscle connection and improve their neuro-muscular capabilities. And that’s why Jai enjoys working with older clienteles and takes more pride in making them rejuvenate their movement pattern and muscular capabilities.

As a coach, Jai focuses on:

  • Martial arts focused strength + conditioning
  • Powerlifting
  • Competitive level body building, including competition preparation
  • General fitness + weight loss

IG: jai iyer