April 12, 2017

POWER TOTAL competition

Weightlifting plus powerlifting equals “Power Total”.

– 5 mandatory lifts (Clean and jerk, snatch, squat, bench and deadlift)
– 2 attempts per lift
РThe athletes Power Total will be calculated by combining athlete’s weightlifting (via sinclair) and powerlifting (via Wilks) scores
– Cash prize for top female and male athlete
– Lots of giveaways including free tshirts, shaker cups, supplements, etc.

There will be four weight classes. Each weight class will have a winner. But the cash prize will be awarded only to the top overall winner (female and male)

Male: up to 62kg, 77kg, 94kg, +94kg..
Female: up to 53kg, 63kg, 75kg, +75kg

Date: Sunday May 7th, 2017

Place: 150-8940 River Drive, Richmond.